Efficient and independent scientific evaluation which determines the scientific quality and priorities of project proposals is fundamental for all activities of the Croatian Science Foundation. The evaluation carried out by the CSF is competitive: it includes comparison of submitted projects for calls and takes into account the conditions of the call, the CSF's priorities and scientific quality of project proposals.
Application and evaluation of the project proposals is carried out through the electronic system. The evaluation consists of the following steps:
1.     Call for proposals
2.     Submission of project proposals
3.     Administrative check
4.     Grouping project proposals into scientific fields
5.     First round of evaluation – evaluation of short project proposals
6.     Second round of evaluation- peer-review of project proposals
7.     Recommendations for financing (Evaluation Panels)
8.     Financing decisions (Board of CSF)

The Board of the CSF can bring the decision that for some calls the above described two-step evaluation procedure will not be followed. In this case the Board of the CSF will prescribe alternative procedure of evaluation and publish it earlier or on the day of the opening of the call.

Board of the CSF nominated the panels for the evalution of the project proposals submitted to CSF's calls.
Evaluation panels are established for the following scientific fields: natural sciences; technical sciences; biotechnical sciences;  biomedicine and health; social sciences and humanities. Interdisciplinary panels can also be established if interdisciplinary proposals are submitted.
Main task of the panel is to assess project proposals and to ensure the evaluation process is carried out  in accordance with the Manual for the evaluation of project proposals and other general acts of the Foundation.
Mandate of the Panel members lasts three years with the possibility to be reappointed. During the mandate, the panel members can submit the project proposal or participate as associates on the project, but they can not participate in the evaluation of project proposals for that call.
Evaluation panels do not receive remuneration for their work.