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Tenure Track Pilot Programme

The Tenure Track Pilot Programme (programme) is financed within the Framework Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Government of the Republic of Croatia concerning the implementation of the Swiss-Croatian cooperation programme to reduce economic and social disparities within the enlarged European Union, signed 30 June 2015, defining the overall objectives of the Swiss-Croatian cooperation.
The aim of the programme is to support young researchers in forming independent research groups and acquiring prerequisites and skills for future employment. This programme for outstanding young researchers represents a new model of career development based on clear and internationally competitive and, more importantly, internationally comparable and merit-based criteria. The Programme will be implemented in co-operation with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
The programme will support the development of 4-5 independent research groups.

Call opening: 3 April 2018
Deadline for submission of applications:   3 July 2018 (13 pm, Croatian Local Time).

Pre-registration: Before applying to the call for proposals it is obligatory to pre-register. Deadline for pre-registration is 20 May 2018, 13:00 (CET). Pre-registration will be submitted into the EPP system on the official form.

Starting date for the JRPs: 1 January 2019
Research fields: Engineering (e.g. electrical & mechanical engineering, microelectronics, advanced manufacturing, materials, nanotechnology, robotics, biomedical engineering, environmental and ecological engineering), Computer Sciences (e.g. data sciences, communication systems), Basic Sciences (e.g. physics, neurosciences, life sciences, chemistry). Interdisciplinary proposals are highly welcomed.
Principal Investigator (PI): researcher of any nationality in the early stage of their career
Maximum grant: 900.000 CHF to 1.100.000 CHF or from 6.194.117 HRK to 7.570.587 HRK
Project duration: 5 years
Language: All documents are to be submitted in English
All enquiries related to the Call will be accepted only in English via the following e-mail address:

Received enquiries and answers will be posted on the HRZZ's web site.

EPP system now available for Pre-registration for TTP project proposals.

Call for proposals TTP 2018 

Guidelines for Applicants

Pre-registration form
Host Institution Support Letter

Administrative Form
Application Form
Financial Plan
Work Plan

Evaluation criteria
Final criteria for evaluation

DISCLAIMER: An updated version of the Financial Plan Form has been released. Please use the updated form.

Programme  “Support to researchers for the application to the ERC programmes“.

The objective of the call is to develop cooperation between Croatian researchers (Visiting researcher) and one of the current ERC projects Principal Investigator, with the aim to gain experience and to develop and prepare their own project proposal for the ERC programmes. This programme finances visits to the ERC-funded projects that are implemented at the time of the call and visit, in the duration of 3 to 4 months.

Short information about the call:
- Project applicants are public universities, public scientific institutes in the Republic of Croatia, or other legal persons performing scientific activities that are registered at the Register of the Scientific organisations of the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education.
The Visiting Researcher has to fulfil the following criteria:
- Active research profile with results recognised internationally; the Visiting researcher has to meet the profile for the ERC Principal Investigator as set out in the annual ERC Work Programme, and has to be employed at the applicant institution.

Release date: 29 March 2018
Closing date: 2 May 2018

The call is open to all scientific fields.
Applicant: a researcher with internationally recognised achievements in science and/or technology
Maximum monthly expenses per researcher: financing by HRZZ is 2.000,00 EUR net (in HRK per month for accommodation and food. Cost of travel to the Host institution shall also be covered. 
Duration of the visit: 3 to 4 months.
Estimated end of evaluation: July 2017
Note: all candidates for the visiting fellowship should be informed that their participation in the proposed scheme does not confer any special treatment in order to obtain a grant from the ERC at a later stage.

Applications for the call are submitted via e-mail address Forms and additional documentation has to be filled in according to the instructions in the text of the call in English and Croatian language. The statement of the applicant will be in Croatian only and support letter from the ERC Principal Investigator in English.

All enquiries related to the Call can be sent to

Call for proposals -  support to researchers for the application to the ERC programmes

Application form

Evaluation form

Izjava prijavitelja da će se javiti na natječaj (institucija i istraživač)

Letter of support of the ERC Principal Investigator

The list of ERC PI who expressed interest in hosting guest researchers
Contacts of ERC PI who expressed interest in hosting guest researchers