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Promjenjivost Sunca i zvijezda

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Bojan VršnakIstraživački projekti

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2013-116212SOLSTEL01.09.2014 - 31.08.2018992.412,89 Kn

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Prirodne znanosti

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Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Geodetski fakultet

(Doctor's degree) Hrvoje Božić , (Doctor's degree) Roman Brajša, (Doctor's degree) Davor Sudar, (Doctor's degree) Domagoj Ruždjak, (Doctor's degree) Tomislav Žic, (Master's degree) Jaša Čalogović, (Master's degree) Mateja Dumbović, (Doctor's degree) Rajka Jurdana-Šepić, (Master's degree) Ivana Poljančić Beljan, (Poslijedoktorand / Postdoctoral researcher) Ivica Skokić,

Ključne riječi:
solar activity, space weather, climate, heliosphere, sun-like stars, variable stars, binary stars, accretion discs, exoplanets, substellar companions

The proposed four-year project connects solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics, heliospheric physics, space weather & climate, geophysics, and stellar physics. It is based on empirical/interpretative, theoretical/analytical, and theoretical/numerical approach, and concerns all astrophysical problems currently in focus of the research at the Hvar Observatory (HO) of the Faculty of Geodesy of the University of Zagreb. Thus, the proposed program is in a great deal determined by, and directed towards, effective exploitation of the observational capacities and manpower of HO. The project is divided into five thematic topics: 1) solar activity and eruptive phenomena in the solar atmosphere; 2) solar-activity impact on the Earth; 3) stellar eruptive activity; 4) radiation processes in solar and stellar atmospheres; 5) exoplanets and substellar companions. In the first topic special attention is devoted to the research of the physics of coronal mass ejections and solar flares, since they drive the most intense geomagnetic storms, as well as changes of radiation belts and ionosphere. The central issue of the second topic is the influence of the solar variability on the Earth climate. The third topic is devoted to stellar eruptive magnetic-field activity, aiming to provide a better understanding of the long-term evolutionary aspect of the solar activity. The fourth topic is an important subject not only for astrophysics, but also for plasma physics in general, since it provides an alternative view on plasma instabilities and emission processes. The fifth topic is a timely astrophysical theme, since it provides new insights into physics of planetary systems, and is very important subject for understanding of the solar-system formation and evolution.